So, I’ve been obsessing lately with the need to go to the gym.  Only, I let my Bally’s membership lapse because I wasn’t using it.  (I know I make no sense sometimes, imagine BEING me!) 

Anyway, I got an offer to renew my membership at a ridiculously low rate.   (It basically comes to $5.40 a month!)  Well the frugal person in me can’t let that pass by especially since I’ve been lamenting the need to get to a gym.

I also found a workout buddy within 24 hours of getting the renewal offer.  Mysterious ways?  Nah, this time God’s taking out a billboard.   It says, “Hey chubby girl – get thee onto the elliptical machine and sweat!”.  So, since I can take a hint (not at all), here I go.

Next week starts the big adventure so I’m sure there will be many posts about the sights and escapades of a major chain gym.  I wonder if they have pole dancing?