First, you should know my roommate and I tried starting this new eating lifestyle (diet is a curse word in this house) about two weeks ago.  It went pretty well, I did all the cooking as I fancy myself quite the gourmet and the roommate struggles with the basics.  Anyway, it turns out we were doing phase two of the plan not phase 1.  So, we decided to start over – today.

Um, so phase 1 kinda sucks in that you can’t have any fruit (we were already pretty light on the breads and stuff, so cutting back to none wasn’t as painful), no carrots, no starchy veggies at all, and no alcohol.  I mean, if I can’t have chocolate, I should at least be able to drink, right?  (Truthfully, we rarely drink in our house so it wasn’t a hardship.  We prefer to eat the pain away – after all isn’t that why God invented chocolate covered (insert almost any food here) and cake?  The answer is yes.

Ok, so on to my day.  I made four dinners on Sunday, because I knew extensive cooking couldn’t happen during the week.  I’ll figure out Friday on Thursday night as I usually have a bit of time then to do more.  I also made breakfast for today, vegetable quiche cups, which was really quite tasty.  Very small, but tasty.  Did I mention, small?  So we added (I know I know) two small pieces of turkey sausage to pretend it was a real meal and a low-carb protein shake.  Somewhere in there was a bottle of water.

Then midmorning snack was a string cheese.  Strangely, I was kinda full.  Personally, I think it’s all mental to some degree.  So I ate the cheese and sipped on water.  Suddenly it was lunchtime.  Now lunch is the South Beach Chop Salad.  Two things to note – 1.  This salad is really yummy  and 2. This salad is huge.  Especially if you don’t bother to strictly measure the lettuce and cucumbers or celery.  I eyeballed what I thought a third of a cup of cut up veggies were.  I might need glasses.  The salad was too big for me to finish, I’ll have the rest tomorrow.

In fact, I couldn’t drink any more water right then.  The thought of something going in my mouth made me nauseous and I went back to work.   Twenty minutes later, I could eat again.   Midafternoon snack!  Celery with a laughing cow cheese wedge, ok.  I have to admit, I needed some salt or pepper with mine.  That cheese is bland to me.  I wonder if I can substitute Gouda next time? 

About an hour later, I could eat again.  I should have had more water, but I forgot my crystal light mixins and straight water makes me nauseous.  So I nibbled on the “savior snack” of thirty pistachio nuts.  Full again.  Drank more water begrugingly, but not enough.  Contemplated around 5pm finishing salad as I was hungry again but still at work.

After work I had some errands to run and I did, getting hungrier all the while.  Suddenly food establishments were everywhere and they were taunting me with sweets and bread.  I prevailed, however, and managed to make it home to dinner, Salsa Pork, which is pretty tasty as well.  Couldn’t finish it either.  The first three bites took care of my hunger.  I picked at it a while longer until it was half eaten then put the rest away. 

I made lunch for tomorrow (Pistachio crusted chicken salad – oh yeah) and cleaned the kitchen.  I made homemade doggie treats for Lola who looked sad to be ignored while I cooked.  Then I felt my evil nemesis, it was about 10 pm (way too late to eat, but I wouldn’t be in bed for a while) and my sweets craving was fierce.

Luckily, the South Beach Diet anticipates this and plans for you to eat dessert.  Tonight was Vanilla Creme made with Ricotta cheese, vanilla extract and (in our case) Splenda.  Perfect for the sweet tooth.

So barring my poor drinking habits today, which I will fix tomorrow,  and the extra sausage in the morning and nuts at night  (That sounds SO dirty, but it’s not.  I wish it were, but it’s not.) I did pretty good.  It wasn’t all that painful either.

Can’t wait to see how day 2 goes.