Today was a day of frustration on many fronts.  My coworkers were uncooperative at best and I struggled with a task I should be able to do in my sleep.  Then there was the whole eating thing. 

Maybe it’s all in my head, but I felt hungrier today.  Rather I felt like I should be hungrier today and wanted to eat more.  I am an emotional eater, however, so I’m betting most of that “hunger” stemmed from frustration.  I stuck to the plan despite the chips and dip in the common pantry offered to all and despite “this time of the month’s” cravings for sugar and more sugar.

So what did I eat?  One egg-beaters portioned to equal two eggs, and a sliver of turkey sausage.  I decided to save my protein shake for later because I wasn’t all that hungry.  I drank about half a bottle of water then had my string cheese.  I hope the roommate remembers to prep more celery for tomorrow.  I was looking forward to lunch and didn’t drink any more water.

Lunch time rolled around and I heated my beautifully crusted pistachio chicken and put it on the salad with the lime dressing.  Oh. Heavens.  That is so good.  I mean – gourmet-pay-money-for-it good.  YUM!  So far the salads have been awesome!  Tomorrow will be another tuna salad (I forgot to buy shrimp for the salad we should be having, but I’ll make it up on Thursday.)

I was pretty content for a while, around 2ish I got nibbly and ate my 30 pistachio nuts.  Hey, I like them so I can never have too many.  I remembered to drink some more water.  But honestly, maybe only another half a bottle.  I need more Crystal Light mixins.

Then about 3:30 – 4 I was hungry again – or maybe it was just the chips and dip taunting me from down the hall.  I made my protein shake (LOVE IT) and was perfectly satiated.  Cracked open another bottle of water but barely drank any. 

I picked up Lola from the vet (comprehensive exam – everything looks great) and went home to my Ginger-Honey Tilapia and String Beans.  A little salty, I need to figure out why but luckily the tiny bit of honey in the dish seemed to help.  It was good, but the salt bothered me.  I still ate every bite.

Whipped out the salad for tomorrow, the omelet for breakfast and the chocolate creme for dessert.  I really love that they make you eat dessert.  We’ll try popsicles for dessert tomorrow night, but tonight I wanted something more substantial.

I think I’ll experiment with that recipe and make some adaptations for random flavors, but overall I like it.  Since I’ve been home I’ve downed two more bottles of water, which still puts me one under my goal… I’ll do better tomorrow.

See, I am trying to be optimistic.  There are no failures, only opportunities for improvement.  I have lots of those. 

Note:  I haven’t been to the gym at ALL this week.  It’s ridiculous, I have to go back.  My gym buddy is going without me.   I have no real excuse so tomorrow, I’m going.  I mean it.