Man remembering to blog about this is a challenge, but here goes! 

I wanted to punch everyone in the face.  Every pasta-munching, sauce-offering one of them.  However, I managed to not fall off the no-carb wagon and I’m proud of that.  Today I weighed myself … ok I know I promised myself I wouldn’t weigh in every day because it makes me obssessive, but I can’t help it.   I need to see progress to be motivated.  Feeling less sluggish is nice, but I want real results!

So, today I weighed myself and since Sunday, I’ve lost 3.7 lbs.   Now THAT’s what I call motivation. WOOHOO!!!  I know they say you can lost from 8-20 lbs in the first phase of the SBD, but I’m glad to see it’s true.

Ok, on to the food…well, there was the lucsious omelet they forced me to make – soo good.  One bottle of water downed.  Cheesestick for midmorning snack.  Second bottle of water down.  Leftover chopped salad and salsa pork for lunch.  Third bottle of water down. 

Had a weird time here – was physically so full I could vomit (TMI, sorry) but in my head I was craving food.  Really craving it.  I ate my midafternoon pistachios but honestly – I had to stop I was making myself ill.  The craving lasted for a long while then went away.  Not sure what to make of that.

Finished my pistachios and another bottle of water.  (I lived in the bathroom yesterday!)  Had my protein shake around 5 (when most people go home but I don’t!) – yummy chocolate ice cream flavored with only 2 carbs.   Can’t beat it with a stick.

Dinner was steak and snowpeas in the pod.  I overcooked the steak a bit, so that’s a note for next time around.   I forgot it would have time to rest and then be reheated. 

So, that was day 3… onto day 4!