So, here’s a huge catch-up post.

Friday:  First day of the sinning

I had veggie quiche cups for breakfast with bacon.  Cheese for midmorning snack.  I completely can’t remember what lunch was, but I’m certain it was a salad of some sort.  Afternoon snack was cucumber slices with tuna spread, but I didn’t eat but one or two and left the rest for later.  Dinner.. ah.. dinner.  So we were all “on our own” and I was invited to a wine party.  Now, I had made chicken and veggies for dinner but I didn’t eat it.   (Because I’m a complete dork)

So I ran around with some errands and end up at the wine party rather late – where they are having chocolate fondue with the associated dipping items (cheesecake, fruit, etc.)  and I had already decided I was allowing myself a little taste of things.  I literally had a couple bites of cheesecake (1/2 inch by 1/4 inch maybe?), piece of pineapple, two raspberries, couple apple slices and one piece of bread (not for dipping) but that rounds out the starches I ate (most of which were dipped in dark chocolate, but only a little).  The rest were veggies, meat and cheese fondue.  Which I can have.  So I sinned a little ….

Saturday:  The sinning goes on

I missed breakfast.  I had trouble waking up and felt really sluggish.  Bad carbs!  After I did get up, I went with my mother and brother to Arlington to visit my Dad for Valentine’s Day.  It was my brother’s first visit since the burial.  It was tough.  Afterwards we took my mom to lunch at Jaleo, a tapas restaurant, where somewhere in my brain I thought I could eat relatively healthy if not cheap.  Not only was it costly, but laden with starches and sugar, but darned tasty.  I didn’t gorge myself, having a tasting of all the different tapas then pushing away.  I didn’t eat any of the bread and oil they kept refilling.  I was actually pretty pleased with myself. 

My mother and I spent the rest of the day at IKEA and the movies, so I never ate dinner.  When I got home I was kinda noshy so I had a bite of the grilled sausages I had made for lunch that day but never ate and a bottle of water and went to bed vowing to do better the next day.  Did I mention my mother gave us boxes of chocolate for Valentine’s Day?  Yeah – those are in the freezer for now.

Sunday:  And sin no more… riiiight…

Let’s see, woke up and got on the scale – have lost 11 lbs.  Roommate has lost 14.  Hot damn!  Made a broccoli, turkey sausage and cheese omelet for us for breakfast.   Drank water and planned the grocery shopping so I could cook for this week’s meals. 

A and I were going to Costco together, but he decides he is starving right before we go and we end up at an Indian buffet.  I had actually eaten my leftover dinner from Friday night for lunch and said I wasn’t hungry.  He taunts me until I cave and get a plate with some chicken, lamb and salad on it.  I push the naan bread away.

I cave on the naan bread about halfway through.  A starts going on about the desserts and goes so far as to bring back two bowls full of rice noodle pudding (a personal favorite), honey balls (too sickeningly sweet I discover), and carrot mash made with brown sugar (which was too yummy and I ate about 1/8th of a cup).

Boo!  Sinned again.  So, we shopped and I ran around the rest of the day.  I didn’t really eat a solid dinner, but nibbled a bit as I cooked.  Then a friend invited me to her place…

Turns out it was for fondue.  Chocolate, white chocolate and caramel fondue.  I went, I ate some, including cookies, chocolate meringue bites, apples, berries, etc.  I just enjoyed myself and vowed that starting the next day, I was back on schedule.

Monday:  Repentence

Eggs for breakfast.  Cheese for midmorning snack.  Leftover sausage for lunch.  No midafternoon snack, I was cooking and nibbling on veggies as I cooked.  Dinner was supposed to be turkey meatloaf and mashed cauliflower potatoes, but I wasn’t hungry.  Drank water and had a no-sugar added fudgesicle.

So, ok… we’re getting back on track.  Going forth now to sin no more.