May 2009

Ok, I understand what the President is doing.  In fact, this entire post has nothing to do with him.  He’s got a tough job and frankly, since I wouldn’t want it, I think he’s doing pretty well so far.  But, I have to tell you when I hear Cyber Czar, I either picture a character from The Sims ™ or some guy living in his mother’s basement yelling up the stairs, “I AM THE CYBER CZAR – YOU WILL BOW BEFORE ME!”.  Complete with unkempt hair, unwashed “Live WoW” T-shirt and a Second Life character that looks eerily like Al Pacino. 

And just so we can keep on track with the Minority Ring of Power, he’s Asian-American.


What a big fat liar.  And at the moment, I mean that literally.  It’s ridiculous the lies we will tell ourselves.  I knew the instant I allowed myself to start cheating – I was done.  Ugh, and now here I am literally STARTING OVER.  However, this time – no roommate and no excuses.  Screw it, I’m responsible for some pretty amazing things on a day to day basis but I can’t get my eating habits in line?  That’s a load of absolute crap.  Bally’s will see my not-so-smiling face on Monday and I mean it.

I’m not even giving myself the out of being depressed for the past 9 months since my Dad died.  I mean, it’s true, but frankly my father deserves better than to tote the blame for my lack of self-discipline.  He taught me better.  I have a birthday cake to whip out for a party Sat night and a wedding cake in a month or so.  Beyond that, there will be no other sweets in my house.  NONE.  I wish there was a way to block my card from allowing me to buy them. 

Sugar is addictive.  Unlike crack, however, it’s legal, accessibly and socially acceptable.  Unless you live in California, then you’d better stick to crack.