So, I am not a huge reality television fan, unless we’re discussing Top Chef, Project Runway, Top Design, or What Not to Wear.  I have little patience for most of the variety of reality television going on.  Recently, there has been a minor “uproar” over Jon and Kate plus 8.  The couple is sadly getting a divorce.  I find myself having the same reaction I did when I heard that Jessica Simpson and her husband were divorcing.  It’s the same reaction I have when I see couples getting slammed in the grocery aisle tabloids, TMZ, and other media forums before, weeks or months later, separating. 

Sometimes the world does not need to watch.

Honestly.  How many intimate relationships suffer because a camera crew is always there, a host is putting a spin on the situation or the pressure of “being ‘on'” all the time pushes one or both partners too far?  Even shows like Housewives of (name that city), which my best friend loves, or any number of the “bachelor” competitions show friendships, morals, and boundaries stretched past all limits.  Even in my favorite shows, like Top Chef, you see contestants doing things behind the scenes that they admit are out of character.

From borderline cheating to anger management issues, I wonder – is that what these people are really like on a daily basis?  Then you see them at the reunion shows or in an interview recap months later and they are mortified by their portrayal.  Family members say, “I don’t even know who that was.”  Is it any wonder marriages end and families fall apart?  In the case of Jon and Kate, don’t you think having 8 children to raise is stress enough on a marriage?  Did you really need a nation following your every move, judging your decisions, and tempting you to forget why you married and had a family to begin with? 

I think the answer is a resounding no.